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Bachelor of Engineering (ISE)

Systems Design Project

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Beginning in the 2001/2002 academic year, an undergraduate degree program leading to the Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering, i.e. BEng (Ind & Sys Eng), is offered by the Faculty of Engineering. This new program is the only one of its kind in Singapore . The host Department, the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management (Previously Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, was established in the Faculty of Engineering in 1972) The BEng (Ind & Sys Eng) curriculum is designed with the following educational program objectives in mind:

  1. To impart fundamental knowledge and skill sets required in the Industrial and Systems Engineering profession, which include the ability to apply basic knowledge of mathematics and science, and the domain knowledge of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

  2. To produce graduates with the ability to adopt a system approach to design, develop, implement and innovate integrated systems that include people, materials, information, equipment and energy.

  3. To enable students to understand the interactions between engineering, business, technological and environmental spheres in the modern society.

  4. To cultivate the practices of independent learning on the part of the students that will prepare them to function effectively for diverse careers and life-long learning.

  5. To enable students to understand their role as engineers and their impact on society at the national and global contexts.