A) Foundation Modules

  • IE5001   Operations Planning and Control I
  • IE5002   Applied Engineering Statistics
  • IE5003   Cost Analysis and Engineering Economy
  • IE5004   Engineering Probability and Simulation


B) Systems Engineering and Methodologies

  • IE5105   Modelling for Supply Chain Systems
  • IE5107   Material Flow Systems
  • IE5108   Facility Layout and Location
  • IE5202   Applied Forecasting Methods
  • IE5203   Decision Analysis
  • IE5205   Healthcare Systems and Analytics
  • IE5206   Energy and Sustainability: A Systems Approach
  • IE5402   Introduction to Systems Engineering and Architecture
  • IE5404   Large Scale Systems Engineering
  • IE5407   Flexibility in Engineering Systems Design
  • IE5409   Topics in Systems Engineering
  • IE5504   Systems Modelling and Advanced Simulation
  • IE5506   Computing-Based Decision Systems
  • IE5508   Applied Systems Optimization
  • IE5880   Topics in Supply Chain Systems


C) Quality and Reliability Engineering

  • IE5006   Learning from Data
  • IE5121   Quality Planning and Management
  • IE5122   Statistical Quality Control
  • IE5123   Reliability Engineering
  • IE5124   Quality and Reliability by Design
  • IE5125   Software Quality Engineering
  • IE5129   Topics in Quality and Reliability Engineering


D) Engineering Management

  • IE5201   Service Operations Analysis and Design
  • IE5208   Systems Approach to Project Management
  • IE5211   New Product Management
  • IE5212   Management of Technological Innovation
  • IE5213   Service Innovation and Management
  • IE5214   Infocomm Systems Project Management
  • IE5291   Topics in Engineering Management


E) Human Engineering

  • IE5301   Human Factors in Engineering and Design
  • IE5302   Ergonomics and Workplace Design
  • IE5307   Topics in Human Factors Engineering


F) Advanced Modules

  • IE6001   Foundations of Optimization
  • IE6002   Advanced Engineering Statistics
  • IE6004   Stochastic Processes I
  • IE6099   ISE Research Methodology
  • IE6505   Stochastic Processes II
  • IE6507   Queues and Stochastic Networks
  • IE6509   Theory and Algorithms for Dynamic Programming
  • IE6511   Surrogate and Metaheuristic Global Optimization


G) Thesis & Dissertation

  • IE5995   M.Eng Thesis
  • IE6900   PhD Thesis


H) Seminar Modules

  • IE5999   Graduate Seminar
  • IE6999   Doctoral Seminar


I) IA Module

  • IE5666   Industrial Attachment