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Major in Systems Engineering


The Industrial Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM) Department offers the Major in Systems Engineering (Sys Eng Major), a Second Major as part of NUS' Special Undergraduate Programmes, for students from all other faculties and schools.

The programme is offered from August 2008. Students may be admitted to the programme based on the following criteria:

  • They must have completed their first year of study;
  • They must apply no later than the 5th semester of their study;
  • They must have a CAP score of at least 3.5

Applications should be submitted to the ISE Dept. Selection for admission will be on a competitive basis and subjected to the ISE Dept's approval as well as availability of quota.

Students opting for the Major in Systems Engineering should have a suitable mathematics and statistics background. They should read the following modules:

  • MA1505 Mathematics I or equivalent;
  • MA1506 Mathematics II or equivalent; and
  • ST1131 Introduction to Statistics or its equivalent.

To fulfill the requirements of the Major in Systems Engineering, students are required to complete 48 MCs (12 modules).

Students may use up to a maximum of 8 MCs of their Major in Systems Engineering modules to double count towards other programmes.

In line with the NUS Centralised Online Registration System (CORS), students admitted into the Major in Systems Engineering programme will have to bid for their modules during CORS registration.

Once admitted to the Major in Systems Engineering programme, students do not need to maintain any minimum academic performance threshold in order to remain in the programme. They are strongly encouraged to plan their modules well in order to be able to complete the programme requirements.

Students who complete the 24 MCs listed in Section (A) will be awarded a Minor in Systems Engineering if they do not wish to complete all the requirements for the Major in Systems Engineering.

For queries on the Major in Systems Engineering, please email us at