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Minor in Systems Engineering


This minor, offered by the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, will ground the engineering students with a solid foundation of systems engineering principles. It will also develop students with analytical mindset and techniques to tackle with trade-offs in order to optimize the performance of the systems within the relevant constraints to meet the requirements of the integrated global systems.

Students opting for this minor should have a suitable mathematics and statistics background.

  • MA1505 – Mathematics I or equivalent; and MA1506 Mathematics II or equivalent
  • ST1131- Introduction to Statistics or its equivalent


Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

  • Completed first year of study
  • Matriculation not beyond the end of the 5th semester of study
  • Must have a CAP score of at least 3.5


The minor in Systems Engineering will be awarded on satisfactory completion of the following 6 modules (24 MCs):

  1. ST2131 – Probability
  2. IE2100 – Probability Models with Applications
  3. IE2101 – Introduction to Systems Thinking
  4. IE2110 – Operations Research I
  5. IE2140 – Engineering Economy
  6. IE3101 - Statistics for Engineering Applications