Core Modules
MT5001 IP Management
MT5002 Management of Industrial R&D
MT5003 Creativity and Innovation
MT5007 Management of Technological Innovation
MT5011 Engineering Business Finance Fundamentals *
IE5003 Cost Analysis and Engineering Economy *
MT5012 Marketing of High-Tech Products & Innovations
SDM5004 Systems Engineering Project Management ^
IE5208 Systems Engineering Project Management ^


B) Elective Modules
MT5005 IP Law for Scientists and Engineers
MT5006 Strategic & New Product Development #
IE5211 New Product Management #
MT5008 Corporate Entrepreneurship
MT5009 Analyzing Hi-Tech Opportunities
MT5010 Technology Intelligence & IP Strategy
MT5016 Business Models for Hi-Tech Products
MT5017 Integrative Design Thinking Workshop
MT5018 Managing and Organizing Open Innovation
MT5911 Venture Funding
MT5912 Frugal Innovation
MT5913 TechLaunch - Experiential Entrepreneurship
MT5920 Enterprise Development
MT5921 Market Gaps - A Search for Innovation Opportunities
MT5900 MOT Research Project (8 MCs)
MT5901 Management Practicum (2 MCs)
MT5902 Management Extended Practicum
MT5966 Overseas Industrial Project and Attachment
MT6001 Research in Technology & Innovation Management
SDM5001 Systems Architecture
SDM5002 Systems Engineering
SDM5003 Knowledge Management
IE5121 Quality Planning and Management
IE5203 Decision Analysis
IE5401 Industrial Logistics
BMA5004A Management & Organization (2 MCs)
BMA5010A Managing Operations (2 MCs)
BMA5108 Technopreneurship
PP5220 National Science & Technology Policy Analysis
PP5293 Ruling the Net: IT and Policy Making


*^# Modules are mutually exclusive