Core Modules
SDM5001 Systems Architecture
SDM5002 Systems Engineering
SDM5003 Knowledge Management
SDM5004 Systems Engineering Project Management ^
IE5208 Systems Engineering Project Management ^


Systems Methodology and Management (at least 2)
SDM5010 Model-Based Systems Engineering
MT5007 Management of Technological Innovation
MT5009 Analyzing Hi-Tech Opportunities
MT5011 Finance for Engineering & Technology Management *
IE5003 Cost Analysis & Engineering Economy *
CE6503 Engineering Economics and Project Evaluation *
MT5012 Marketing of Hi-Technology Products and Innovations
MT6001 Research in Technology & Innovation Management
BMA5004A Management & Organization (2MCs)
IE5202 Applied Forecasting Methods
IE5203 Decision Analysis
IE5404 Large Scale Systems Engineering
IE5409 Topics in Systems Engineering
PP5240 Applied Policy Analysis


Systems Application (at least 2)
SDM5990 SDM Research Project
MT5002 Management of Industrial R&D
MT5003 Creativity and Innovation
MT5006 Strategic & New Product Development #
IE5211 New Product Management #
MT5016 Business Models for Hi-Tech Products
BMA5010A Managing Operations (2 MCs)
CE5804 Global Infrastructure Project Management
CN5191 Project Engineering
EE5702 Advanced Power Systems Analysis
ESE5205 Sludge & Solid Waste Management
IE5401 Industrial Logistics
ME5205 Energy Engineering
ME5602 Manufacturing Systems Engineering
TP5026 Transportation Management & Policy
TP5028 Intermodal Transportation Operations


*^# Modules are mutually exclusive